HUM 215-1 Europe and the Globe (Fall 2016)
(HUM 215-1 2016)

Instructor: Dr. Eva Swidler

Day/Time: Monday and Thursday, 10:30am-11:50am

Usually, we’ve learned to recount the history of the world over the past 500 years with Europe as
the main actor: European colonialism, the spread of European languages and culture, and
Westernization are painted as the Big Story of the last centuries. Are there other ways that
historians look at the last half of a millennium? What went on in the non-European world for
those years? How did the global South help create Europe and the world we live in? How did
Europe and its outposts come to be in the global position they are in now? And does our
contemporary world look different if we imagine the history of this half millennium differently?
We will not be using a single textbook in this class. Instead we will read a variety of scanned
selections as well as sections from several books, such as Abina and the Important Men, 1491,
and Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest.