"The Most German of the Arts": Music in German Culture, 1918-1945 - Dr. Gordana-Dana Grozdanic and Dr. Thomas Patteson
(The Most German of the Arts)

"The Most German of the Arts": Music in German Culture, 1918-1945 - Dr. Gordana-Dana Grozdanic and Dr. Thomas Patteson

Fall 2017 M/Th TBD

In this course, we will explore music in German culture during the period from 1918 to 1945. This was a time of incredible turmoil and creative ferment in Germany and Europe as a whole, witnessing social polarization, artistic experimentation, and ultimately the catastrophes of World War II and the Holocaust. We will closely study a number of primary source texts to explore the relationship of music to other aspects of culture-- in particular, technology, politics, and the new art form of cinema.
The course is open for students whose knowledge of German is at an intermediate or higher level. The wide variety of genres (essays, letters, poems, newspaper articles, diary entries, etc.) will provide the students plenty of opportunity to improve their reading, speaking, and writing competencies and will greatly expand their vocabulary. The readings will include texts by Th. A. Adorno, B. Brecht, W. Benjamin, A. Schönberg, A. Berg, H. Eisler, K. Weill, G. Benn, A. Sander, W. Gropius, P. Klee, Th. Mann and others.