Memorization Techniques and Performance - Eve Wolf
(Memorization (Spring 2018))

Do you ever have a fear of a memory lapse when you perform? Does this fear have a negative effect on your performance? This four-part, practical course examines memory and performance issues in order to improve performance and the experience of performing. The areas to be studied are:

  • Memorization Techniques: a rigorous approach to memorization through the use of ten time-tested techniques;
  • Physiology of Performance: adrenaline, diet, exercise, musician as athlete;
  • Psychology of Performance: practical psychological techniques that improve focus;
  • Philosophy of Performance: Your performance mission.


The goal of the course is to give students a wide variety of tools in order to improve their memory and performance. The course will include the reading of relevant materials, writing of essays, viewing of films, discussion of performance issues and experiences, as well as weekly performances in class.