The Sixteenth Century - The Golden Age of the Renaissance - Matt Glandorf
(16th C. (Fall 2017))

The Renaissance was a movement that was motivated by a changing political and religious climate, the struggle between medieval superstition and rational scientific thought, and a full on rediscovery of ancient Roman and Greek culture. Regarding the music of the sixteenth century, virtually no era 16th century saw a great diversity of styles and genres ranging from the invention of the Protestant chorale of the Reformation, the great masses and motets of the Counter-Reformation, the development of instrumental music as an independent genre to highly chromatic and experimental madrigals, and the invention of opera. This course will give us the opportunity to examine the music of the sixteenth century more in depth. Classes will be a combination of listening and analysis, selected readings, discussions and lectures.  Guest speakers with experts in the field of the music of the Renaissance including a hands-on demonstration of period wind instruments. The seminar will conclude with an in-class presentation by every student. The content of which should be delivered to the instructor at the end of the semester and count, alongside the presentation and class attendance towards your final grade.