Piano Pedagogy - Yu Xi Wang
(Piano Pedagogy (Fall '17))

Open to Curtis students majoring in piano, organ, or composition. 


While most young pianists studying at Curtis are forging a career as performing artists, they will almost certainly encounter – and some might even pursue – the art of teaching.  However, the most brilliant pianists are not necessarily the most brilliant teachers, and the most brilliant teachers may not always get to work with the most talented students.  In his book The Art of Piano Playing, legendary piano pedagogue Heinrich Neuhaus recalls the difficulty and frustration he faced in his early days of teaching piano, where he regrettably calls his students his “victims.” Teaching is a lifelong learning process; it takes time and experience. The goal of this course is to equip students with the knowledge and tools to prepare them for the journey ahead. 


This course will survey and compare existing piano curricula, and explore the current leading methods in depth.  Students will become familiar with the core repertoire for each level and construct their own curriculum.  Through readings and class discussions, students will explore techniques and share ideas for teaching the fundamentals of piano playing to young beginners.  Outside of the classroom, each student will be paired with a beginner piano student enrolled in the first semester of Supplementary Piano, and spend time teaching side-by-side with the instructor.