Stories of the Modern American Southern School - Fall 2018
(LIT125-1 FA2018)

In this course, subtitled, "Romanovs to Lenin, Teddy to FDR: Glimpses of Changing Worlds," we will read stories of the modern American Southern school including the work of Welty, O'Conner, Faulkner, Barthelme, Porter, McCullers, to be leavened with some stories of late Tzarist Russia and early Soviet writing -- Tolstoy, Chekhov, Babel, Platonov and, perhaps, Tugenev. Our course work will center on a cross-cultural analysis of subject matter, structure, imagery, and characterization, among other concerns. We will engage with the assumption that comparative literature can still open both the eyes and the mind to issues that continue to challenge society—how do these writers consider and represent class, race, gender, and the political realities of the societies in which the characters live? A good short story has solved the difficult problem of establishing, and conveying in small, the 'right' ranges of length and scope. And the impact of the “short” story is disproportionate to its number of pages. Many of these tales are unforgettable.