Time Travel in Philosophy and Culture - Fall 2018
(HUM225-1 FA2018)

We will explore some philosophical and popular discussions of time travel, as well as some imagined representations of it in film and literature. Materials likely to be taken up in the course include: • “Paradoxes of Time Travel,” an important article by the philosopher David Lewis • The Time Machine, by H.G. Wells, the first and best-known time travel novel • Introducing Time, a Graphic Guide by Craig Callendar and Ralph Edney (this discussion is in comic book format) • Travels in Four Dimensions: The Enigmas of Space and Time by Robin Le Poidevin, a philosopher at the University of Leeds, England • Time Travel by James Gleick, a science writer In addition to these materials, we will watch some video about time travel on YouTube and be open to other cultural examples. The discussion will take off from Lewis’ presentation of the central logical paradoxes, some of which involve memory, personal identity, and free will, that arise in imagining the implications of moving around in time, whether forward or backward, or in unknown directions.