Acting Workshop - Fall 2018
(LIT411-1 FA2018)

This is an introductory acting class that examines the role of actors as storytellers and creative artists. Students will learn the fundamental tools and terminology of an actor and have the opportunity to put those tools into practice through text analysis, character study, physical work, improvisations, scene work, and monologues. Students will engage with contemporary acting exercises, including Anne Bogart’s Viewpoints, Augusto Boal’s Games for Actors and NonActors, and Keith Johnstone’s Impro. Students will identify their strengths and weaknesses as actors, find and implement creative ways to highlight and challenge their strengths, and improve/develop their weaknesses to turn them into assets. Through hands-on work, students will develop a stronger sense of focus, presence, and clarity in performance using character and script analysis paired with strong vocal and physical choices to support their interpretation. Additionally, students will develop their ability to critically watch and respond to performances through performance attendance, class critiques, and an analytical essay. The work will take place in a challenging, supportive and creative environment where students will walk away with skills and discipline necessary to successfully embody performative material. The semester will conclude with a showcase of ten-minute plays. Possible Texts: Anne Bogart and Tina Landau’s Viewpoints Augusto Boal’s Games for Actors and Non-Actors Keith Johnstone’s Impro and Impro for Storytellers Uta Hagen’s Respect for Acting Constantin Stanislavsky’s An Actor Prepares Chekhov’s plays Ibsen’s plays Annie Baker’s Vermont Plays Shakespeare’s Richard III (or others) It is also possible to use an anthology of scenes, monologues, or plays, as long as the students are able to access the full version of the text.