Duos for Strings and Pianos - Fall 2018
(THY485-1 FA2018)

The duo repertoire involving piano and strings is incredibly vast and offers a great deal of insight into a given composer’s compositional style. This course seeks to explore this expansive repertoire and discover links that bind this medium together over time. In addition to studying the progression of these works, students will discuss theoretical and historical issues arising with each piece. In-class discussion will revolve around the application of these ideas to performance, showing a practical side of theoretical study. The course will include regular in-class performances by the students, exploring a variety of repertoire from the canon. These performances will then be discussed and the class will be able to explore new possibilities arising from a deep analysis of each piece. The progression of this repertoire will largely be decided by the repertoire of those students in the class; however, it will follow a more chronological order when possible. Generally, students will be given the option to prepare works together that they wish to explore in a detailed manner