ESL: Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced - Fall 2019/Spring 2020 - Ms. Mei Lu
(ENG011-1 FA19/SP20)

This non-credit English as a Second Language course is designed to improve reading, writing, and conversational skills, as well as to increase vocabulary through reviewing how the English language is put together. The grammatical structures will be taught using not only explanations and exercises, but also through reading texts by various authors showing the use of those structures. Focused writing will be an integral part of the course as well.

The course is designed to meet the needs of three different levels. In the first semester we have beginning and intermediate classes, and students will advance in the following semester (beginners become intermediate, and intermediate students go to the advanced class). Texts: L.G. Alexander, New Concept English Books 2 & 3; additional selected readings as needed.