Analysis Seminar, Holst's The Planets: Influence and Legacy - Fall 2019 - Dr. Eric Sessler
(Analysis Seminar FA19)

In this course, students will undertake an in-depth analysis of Holst's The Planets. Students will receive a full score for the work, which they can mark and keep at the end of the semester. Students will learn about the history and the context of the work, and do a complete, page-by-page analysis. Students who go on to perform the work will gain a significantly greater understanding. In addition, the course will include works by other English composers like Vaughan Williams, Elgar, and Britten, and incorporate works that had a significant influence on Holst and specifically The Planets, such as the works of Stravinsky, Schoenberg, and Debussy. Finally, legacy works such as Asteroids or Pluto, will be investigated as well as adaptations of the work in popular/film music and other art forms.